Monday, February 5, 2018

Prescription medications - January 19, 2018

Change for a Dollar has received numerous requests since the first of the year to assist with prescription medications for the poor and homeless in the community.  The winter of 2017/2018 is proving to be a big challenge for both the hospitals and free medical clinics.  There has been a flood of flu cases, pneumonia, bronchitis and winter colds that have kept those facilities packed.  Most all of the poor and homeless in the community lack insurance and often the ability to pay for their medications.  Change for a Dollar has assisted several folks many times this season and is thankful for a local pharmacy that offers Change for a Dollar a discount on the cash price for providing medications to those in need. 

Prescription medications - $100.00

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Disabled man without electric/heat – January 1, 2018

Change for a Dollar received a phone call from an apartment manager in Summerville regarding one of their tenants.  The man who rented the apartment was disabled but worked a little to supplement his disability income.  He had gotten behind on his electric bill and was scheduled to be disconnected but planned to pay the bill when he got his pay check.  Because of the holidays, there was a delay in getting his check and getting it cashed which prevented him from paying the bill in time.  That resulted in the electric being shut off.  He would have the money to get the electric back on but the SCE&G offices were closed for the holiday and he needed some assistance for the short term with the forecast frigid temperatures.  The apartment manager asked if we could assist in some way.  Since he had no electric the only option was for a kerosene heater which was provided to supply heat until he could arrange for the electric to be reinstated.

Kerosene heater, container and fuel - $163.67

High demand for prescription assistance – December 18, 2017

The poor and uninsured in Summerville struggle to get the necessary medications for their basic health care needs.  Often they are given prescriptions upon discharge from the hospital that they cannot afford to get filled.  Also medications are often the first thing to be put aside when folks who are poor, homeless and or receive their health care from free medical clinics have other financial demands like food.   This winter season has seen a spike in upper respiratory infections, bronchitis and pneumonia with many hospitalizations.  Change for a Dollar was asked from a variety of sources to assist folks once again with their prescriptions.  Change for a Dollar has a relationship with a local pharmacy where they offer a discount on medications and Change for a Dollar paid for those prescriptions.

Prescriptions for patients- $100

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Homeless man needed help with rent deposit – December 14, 2017

A local Summerville homeless man was taking a step towards independence.  He had recently gotten involved with a local church and was working hard at turning his life around.  Through his connections with the church he was able to pick up some odd jobs in the community.  He was hopeful of getting into a boarding house in Summerville after the first of the year but in the meantime he was renting a room in Ladson.  He needed some assistance with the deposit for the room.  Change for a Dollar was asked to assist this fellow with his rent deposit.  Change for a Dollar met with the landlord and paid for the deposit.

Rent deposit - $100

Monday, December 11, 2017

Church Angel Tree supplemental gifts – December 12, 2017

For the past couple of years Ashley Ridge Church has provided an Angel Tree for gifts for children that frequent the Expanding the Table food truck.  This year there was a large number of kids and a very large response from the church.  The distribution is scheduled for the coming weekend and an inventory of all the Angels and names of kids (new kids always arise at the last minute) indicated there was a shortage of gifts with no time to re-solicit folks to purchase.  The ETT ministry wants to insure no kid would be missed so they asked Change for a Dollar if it could assist with some funds for additional Christmas gifts for the additional children.  Chang for a Dollar paid for some additional gifts and several volunteers offered to  wrap them for the upcoming distribution.

Angel Tree Children Christmas gifts - $210

Homeless man needs prescriptions filled – December 8, 2017

An uninsured homeless man was recently hospitalized for pneumonia.  While in the hospital he was also diagnosed with COPD and spent a week in the hospital recuperating.  Being uninsured, he was given prescriptions upon discharge that he could not afford to get filled.  It was critical that he have his four medications to prevent a relapse or further complications.   Change for a Dollar was asked to assist this fellow with his prescriptions.  Change for a Dollar has a relationship with a local pharmacy where they offer a discount on medications and Change for a Dollar paid for those prescriptions.

Prescriptions for patients- $140

Monday, November 27, 2017

Injured woman returns to home with no heat – November 26, 2017

A referral came to Change for a Dollar from one of the Expanding the Table food truck guests.  A woman who often takes a couple of meals to go to deliver to folks who are home bound became aware of a local woman who had been hospitalized following a serious auto accident.  She was hit by a large truck and suffered serious internal injuries.  Upon release from the hospital she returned to her home where the heat had broken and due to the loss of work and medical bills was unable to afford to get it repaired.  The woman who comes to the truck was going to bring her a dinner and asked if there was any way the church or someone could help with a portable space heater.  Change for a Dollar got her a heater and a second one was donated as well so two heaters were delivered to her so she didn’t have to move it from room to room.

Space heater cost - $38.13

Homeless couple in need of assistance – November 12, 2017

A referral came to Change for a Dollar from a resident at the local homeless shelter.  He assisted a homeless couple who had just relocated back to Summerville from N. Carolina and they had just started jobs.  The place where they were promised as few weeks stay until their paychecks came in did not work out.  They were staying in a local motel and had secured a weekly rate from the motel manager but were running out of funds for both rent and food.  The fellow from the homeless shelter gave the woman a coat and some food from the shelter to help them out.  Change for a Dollar was able to assist with paying for an additional week stay at the motel until their first paychecks came in.

Motel costs - $385.00

Monday, November 6, 2017

Disabled elderly couple in need of food – November 4, 2017

An elderly couple had been regulars at the ETT Food Truck but had not come around in several months.  They returned just recently and some of the ETT volunteers reconnected with them.  They are a very cute couple and do a lot to help homeless vets living in the woods in West Ashley.   Recently the wife had a bad fall and broke her back, which was the reason they were not around.  They have very limited income and although Medicaid covered most of the medical costs they were struggling.  They only receive $68 per month on food stamps and are very frugal with their car trips to save gas.  They still in spite of it all continued to assist the vets.  Change for a Dollar helped out with a BiLo food gift card to help with the food budget.

BiLo food card - $75

Homeless man gets to see grandchild – November 1, 2017

A homeless man was in communication with his son about the possibility of getting to see his grandchildren. The son was able to have some extended time with the children but did not have the means to purchase a car seat for the trip to upstate SC to pick up the kids.  The son also did not have the extra funds for the gas for the trip as he was between jobs and funds were very low for him as well.  Change for a Dollar offered to assist with getting the car seat and a gas card so the son could make the trip, pick up the kids and the whole family could spend some long overdue quality time together.

Car seat and gas card ($80 + $50) - Total $130

Single mom living in hotel with kids – October 28, 2017

A referral from Ashley Ridge High School came to Change for a Dollar about one of their students.  A family of four is homeless and living in an extended stay hotel in N. Charleston.  The children go to school in Summerville and one is in Ashley Ridge High School.  An ARC owner works in the office had heard about the family and their struggles and contacted Change for a Dollar.  The family was planning a move in with a relative but that was still a week or so away from happening.  They had run out of money and needed a place to stay for one more week until they got a check.  Change for a Dollar assisted with a week’s stay at the extended stay hotel until they could get settled in their new residence.

Hotel Weekly Rate - $456.49

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Folks struggling with mental health issues – October 5, 2017

Many poor local Summerville residents are struggling with mental health issues that require specific medications.  Mostly being uninsured, the patients will be seen by doctors at hospitals where they were given prescriptions upon discharge that they cannot afford.  Often they wind up in the Emergency Room as a result of not having medications.  These folks need assistance for medications to avoid recurrence of emotional episodes.  Change for a Dollar was asked to assist a couple of folks with their mental health medication.  Change for a Dollar has a relationship with a local pharmacy where they offer a discount on medications and Change for a Dollar pays for those prescriptions.

Prescriptions for patients- $100

Newly divorced man behind on bills – October 4, 2017

A Summerville man recently got divorced but sadly the process was very contentious.  In the end this fellow was in serious financial trouble.  He was working at a new job in sales but unfortunately a lot of his salary was based upon commissions.  While dealing with the difficulty of the divorce and the financial hardship he was maintaining an apartment and paying his bills.  He had some car troubles that set him back a bit and was now struggling to pay all his bills.  While his electric bill was current he thought he would not be able to pay the next month’s bill on time.  He asked an ARC owner for help through the church.  Change for a Dollar paid his next month’s electric bill.

SCE&G Payment - $87.00

Single Mom struggling to make ends meet – September 18, 2017

An ARC owner was serving on the Expanding the Table food truck one evening when he became aware of a struggling single mom.  She had been coming to the truck in the past but has not been there in some time.  She shared that she recently was struggling to make ends meet.  She was still cleaning houses for a living.  She recently had to change jobs and was not getting as many hours she had at the old job.  The ARC owner ask if Change for a Dollar could assist by helping with a payment on her electric bill. Change for a Dollar paid a portion of the balance due to SCE&G.

SCE&G Payment - $125.00

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

People in need of assistance for medications – September 13, 2017

The local men’s homeless shelter recently has had an unusual amount of residents struggling with physical and mental health issues that required medications.  Also several poor uninsured patients of the local free medical clinic were struggling with the cost of their prescriptions.  They all were able to be seen by doctors at hospitals and free medical clinics under charity programs and in many cases they were given prescriptions they couldn’t afford.  Change for a Dollar has a relationship with a local pharmacy where they offer a discount on medications and Change for a Dollar pays for those prescriptions.

Prescriptions for poor and homeless - $100

Wyoming couple stranded/living in car – September 2, 2017

A couple from Wyoming was passing through Summerville when their car broke down. Both of them were on disability, the husband being a multiple amputee.  Both of them also appeared to struggle mentally as their plans and thought process often made no sense.  Their car, although not that old and appeared in decent shape, needed extensive repairs to the engine and suspension that was beyond its value or their means to pay.  The local repair shop was letting them live (for 3 weeks) in the disabled car in the parking lot of the establishment while they worked on their plans.  They had made tentative arrangements to purchase a used car from one of the repair shop mechanics at the beginning of the month when they got their disability payments but it was not a definite.  Change for a Dollar offered several options to help but they could not decide on what to do.  In the end they were short a few hundred dollars for the purchase of the car and Change for a Dollar offered to assist with the purchase to help them on their way. 

Assistance with car purchase - $200

Homeless men in need of medications – September 1, 2017

Several poor uninsured residents of the local homeless shelter were suffering from a variety of medical conditions.  They were able to be seen by doctors at hospitals and free medical clinics under charity programs and in many cases they were given prescriptions for their conditions.  The majority of them did not have sufficient income to afford the medications.  Change for a Dollar has a relationship with a local pharmacy where they offer a discount on medications and Change for a Dollar pays for those medications.

Prescriptions for poor and homeless - $100

Monday, August 21, 2017

Dying man’s grandson helping fix up home – August 12, 2017

A Summerville man who has been battling cancer is very ill and has stop treating.  The trailer that he and his wife live in was in terrible disrepair.  Recently this grandson arrived to see if he could help with anything.  The grandson and two of his friends proceed to make repairs to the kitchen, master bathroom and patched the holes in the walls and floors.  The young men were trying to get the place repaired to make it more comfortable for the grandfather and more livable for the future residents.  The young men needed some additional materials that Change for a Dollar assisted with purchasing.  C4$ delivered several sheets of sheet-rock, and spackling equipment to help the young men out with the cost of the renovations.

Home Depot charges – $56.83

Food truck guest struggling – August 11, 2017

A woman who is regular visitor to the ETT food truck has custody of her grandson.  The young fellow is very enthusiastic and always jumps in to help with the ministry.  Recently she had some trouble with a tree limb that had broken off and fell on her house.  She and her grandson could not handle the removal.  A few volunteers form Ashley Ridge Church helped remove the tree limb.  In talking with her that day she shared that she was struggling financially at the moment due to some unexpected expenses.  When asked about her electric bill she indicated she was current but had a payment due in two weeks and was going to be short.  The volunteers approached Change for a Dollar who verified that she had been paying her bills regularly but the coming bill was a little larger and in fact due was due in two weeks.  Change for a Dollar assisted in paying half of her upcoming SCE&G bill.

SCE&G payment – $125

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Former homeless man needs bicycle – July 20, 2017

A former homeless man was now living on his own in a place with his wife.  He has been working diligently at a landscaping job but rides a bicycle to work.  Recently his bicycle broke and his wife needed some major surgery.  He lacked any funds for a new bike and lately he has been walking to work every day which was about five miles each way.  Change for a Dollar got him a new bicycle for use to get to work.

Bicycle – $85.79