Friday, January 10, 2014

Change for a Dollar – 1/6/14

Change for a Dollar checked with a homeless person that we had recently helped.  With the coming cold snap there was a concern that he had a way to get out of the cold based upon the forecasted weather.  He was found at his usual spot at the library and we discussed his current situation.  He was still recovering from the surgery on his leg and was still living in the tent.  C4$ bought him breakfast that morning and talked to him about the weather situation and his current living conditions.  He was in need of some items for his “home” / tent and we purchased those items and set him up with a tab at Waffle House for a week’s worth of meals.  Additionally C4$ offered to put him up in a hotel for the two nights that the weather was forecast to be below freezing.  He said he had an offer for a stay at a friend’s house for one of the nights and I was to check with him the following day to see if he needed the second night out of the cold.  The friend extended the offer for the second night so he did not need the hotel room.  He was thankful for the meals and the supplies for his tent

Amount $115

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