Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Change for a Dollar – 4/28/14

A Summerville man who is a patient at the Medical Outreach Clinic of Summerville came to the clinic a few weeks ago.  During his eligibility review it became known that he was struggling financially.  He is on Social Security Disability and was holding his own until the ice storm and frigid winter.  The HVAC unit in his rented trailer is very old and in need of repair but the landlord has failed to address the problem.  His electric bill was $600 for February and March as opposed to $150 per month due to the faulty heating unit.   He initially stated he was managing and getting help.  He returned to the clinic for a follow up visit last week and shared that he was struggling in making the SCE&G payment after all and asked if Ashly Ridge Church was still offering to help.  ARC Change for a Dollar inquired as to what the arrangements were with SCE&G and he needed $364 by May 5th for his current bill and payment plan.  A payment to his account was made on April 28th and his account is current till next month which he feels he can handle.  

Amount $ 364.00

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