Saturday, September 13, 2014

Military family with unexpected expenses - 8/26/14

A young Air Force family with two small children were caught up in difficult situation.  The wife recently had to seek employment with a new employer and was required to attend a two week training program in North Carolina.  The job was an excellent opportunity for the family but as luck would have it the husband was temporarily assigned to a mandatory one month out of state training assignment for his job within the Air Force. The two training assignments overlapped and put the family in a difficult situation for child care while they were both away at training.  The only available option was to drive the two young boys to Texas to stay with grandparents.  The round trips to Texas and the lapse in pay between jobs stretched the family finances to the breaking point. They had to borrow money from the other out of state grandmother just to buy groceries.  Ashley Ridge church helped them out by providing food cards to help lighten the load.

Amount: Bi Lo $200

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