Friday, March 20, 2015

Recovering addict / single mom needed help - 3/12/15

A Summerville woman who is a recovering drug addict has been doing well in putting her life back together for herself and her 12 year old son.  She is part of a very small local church who has been helping her with her recovery.  She was going to school for a period of time and is now seeking employment.  She was getting some income while attending school but has fallen behind on the bills while looking for employment. The small church she attends had helped her financially in the past but was unable to continue to do so.  The pastor of the church approach ARC Change for a Dollar to see if there was some help available.  Change for a Dollar paid a portion of her electric bill and put her in touch with the SCE&G Customer Advocate who is helping her get her bills under control.

Amount:  SCE&G Payment - $330

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