Saturday, May 9, 2015

Elderly couple in need of assistance - May 6, 2015

An elderly gentleman and his wife were in need of assistance.  For years he was serving in his local church as a Deacon and was very active.  In recent years, due to health reasons, he has been limited in what he can do and is on a fixed income.  He has had to stop serving at his local church but he and his wife remain faithful and do what they can.  In recent months he had some unexpected expenses that caused him to fall behind in his electric bill, this was upsetting for him as he had prided himself in always being able to provide for his family.  ARC Change for a Dollar was approached and asked if we could help him through this difficult spot.  Change for a Dollar paid a portion of his electric bill thus keeping him out of the arrears / disconnect process.

SCE&G Payment $336.73

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