Sunday, December 20, 2015

Single Mom no money for Christmas for kids – December 14, 2015

A very young Summerville single mom has had some legal problems that resulted in her children being placed in temporary custody of the grandparents.  The young lady is semi homeless as the environment at her mother’s house for her is very toxic and she is in and out.  As she struggles to address her issues ARC has been assisting and supporting her along the way.  She has never worked out of high school and married very young which resulted in divorce after the birth of her 3rd child.  As she struggles and works towards putting her life together, find and job and a place to live she was not in a position to get any gifts for her children for Christmas.  Change for a Dollar helped her with purchasing gifts for her to give to her children on Christmas morning.  We helped her with the shopping and delivered the gifts to the grandparents to be put under the tree.

Car payment - $157.73

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