Sunday, March 20, 2016

Homeless man goes to college – March 16, 2016

A gentleman was working for the Coastal Carolina fair last year.  When the fair ended they laid off several workers and a couple of men were stranded in the area with no job or place to live.  One fellow remained homeless on the streets of Summerville for a couple of months until a bed became available at the local men’s homeless shelter.  After a couple of months picking up odd jobs he explored other options.  He looked at going back to school to get a more stable job.  He applied to Piedmont Technical School in upstate SC and was accepted.  He applied for and received some grants and scholarships.  He lacked sufficient funds for transportation to school in Greenwood SC or any funds for accommodations.  Change for a Dollar assisted with transportation, two nights lodging in a hotel prior to his school orientation and several food gift cards.

Transportation, lodging & food cards - $336.00

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