Sunday, June 12, 2016

Homeless man reconciles with wife – needs new tires to get home – June 6, 2016

A Summerville man has been homeless and living in the local homeless shelter following his eviction from his apartment.  He is awaiting approval on his disability and was evicted from his apartment because he was unable to work and had no income.  He was living in the apartment with his adult son following his divorce from two years ago but there wasn’t enough family income to continue to stay.  He has maintained communication with his ex-wife as his son was with him and his adult daughter was living with his ex-wife and was expecting a child, so they had a lot to talk about.  During the course of the weeks he was in the shelter, and their mutual excitement about the coming grandchild, they came to terms and sought to reconcile.  He was invited by his ex-wife to come to Florida and live with them, as they worked to rebuild the family.  Unfortunately, the vehicle he had was in desperate need of two new tires.  Change for a Dollar assisted with the tires and he returned home to Florida and his family.

Two new tires- $287.94

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