Monday, September 12, 2016

Disabled homeless man in crisis – Sept 5, 2016

A local homeless man was in the hospital.  The hospital discharged him to the street where he had no options.  He is disabled in that he has kidney failure and is on dialysis three days per week.  To complicate his situation he has a bad hip and struggles to walk with a walker.  To make matters worse he battles an addiction to crack that he was pleading for help with.  Unfortunately there was no shelter that could take him in due to his conditions.  A couple of ARC owners were trying to find a way to help.  Thankfully he agreed to attend an NA meeting and connected with the folks there.  He still was living on the street and was in great despair and begged for help.  An option for him to stay with his brother in Texas materialized.  The ARC owners got him to dialysis the next day in preparation of the trip and bought him the bus ticket.  He was also set up with a large duffle bag to replace his plastic trash bag “luggage”.  Additionally he “negotiated” himself a loan of a much needed wheelchair from the dialysis center for the trip to Texas.  The ARC owners felt compelled to replace the wheelchair at the dialysis center as well.  A day later he contacted the ARC Owners to say he made it.  He was very appreciative of all the help and was headed for an NA meeting followed by looking for a good church.  TFJ!

Bus ticket –$165, duffle bag $26.95, wheelchair $157.32 – total $349.28

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