Saturday, October 1, 2016

Elderly homeless woman has cancer – Sept 21, 2016

A 76 year old homeless woman is battling lung cancer.  She has been living in her van for some time but has managed to get by on her small income, at least until her illness has recently gotten worse.  She was in the hospital earlier this month but when discharged the hospital put her up in a local hotel for one week.  She is scheduled for ongoing chemotherapy and was concerned about enduring the treatments while living in her van.  When her hotel stay ran out she was found sitting on the curb at the hotel by a young woman who was staying at the hotel who knew of Change for a Dollar. She gave our contact info to the hotel clerk who called us.  Change for a Dollar met with the woman and talked to her about options in the community.  Nothing seemed to be of any help to her.  In the end Change for Dollar paid for an additional night at the hotel so she didn’t have to stay in her car during a very rainy evening.   Unfortunately, there was little more we could do than to pray for her.

One night hotel stay - $60

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