Sunday, February 5, 2017

Homeless family in need of lodging – Jan 30, 2017

A homeless family of 7 came to the local men’s homeless shelter seeking assistance.  They had recently relocated from upstate SC to the area but job prospects did not work out as hoped.  The family has two disabled children for which they receive payments but they used up all their funds for the month living in an extended stay hotel.  For the past few days they were living in their car.  The husband was promised a job and would start in a few days and the disability money would come in on the first of the month.  The staff, a volunteer and one of the residents from the homeless shelter chipped in to pay for a couple of nights stay at a hotel but they were still short one day.  Change for a Dollar was approached for an additional night to carry them over till they started receive payments/paycheck. 

One night hotel stay - $65.00

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