Monday, May 8, 2017

Homeless man returns to N. Carolina– May 4, 2017

A young man originally from North Carolina was granted permission by his Parole Officer the right to move to Summerville because he had a solid job offer.  This worked out for a few months until he was laid off from the job and did not have the means to support himself.  He eventually found his way to the local homeless shelter.  He remained in contact with his Parole Officer the whole time who advised him that a program had recently opened up in NC for former inmates that included subsidized housing and a job.  As much as the young man wanted to remain in Summerville his best opportunity for regaining self-sufficiency was to return to NC and enter into the program.  Change for a Dollar assisted in purchasing a bus ticket for him to return to NC.

Bus ticket to NC - $54.00

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