Saturday, December 29, 2018

Part time school worker needed assistance – December 12, 2018

An owner of Ashley Ridge Church contacted Change for a Dollar regarding a part time employee in the local school where she teaches.  The employee was a hard working woman and was a well-liked by the staff.  She lived in a very small house not far from the school where she worked.  The staff at the school had heard that she was struggling with her expenses and asked if Change for a Dollar could assist in some way.  Change for a Dollar asked if she could possibly use some help with her electric bill because the winter is a bad time of the year to have electric disconnected.  They inquired and they found out that indeed her bill was coming due and she did not have the funds.  Change for a Dollar checked on her account status and offered to pay the current month’s bill and the next month to give her some margin, especially around the holidays.

SCE&G payment – $130.00

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