Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Single Dad - Electric Assist - January 27, 2019

A dad with a baby called the Ashley Ridge church office for assistance.  Ordinarily there would not have been anyone in the office at that date and time but a staff member answered the call.  The single dad who had custody of his seven month old child was living with his mother.  The family has very modest income and the father was working until he got in a vehicle accident and has been out of work for a couple of weeks.  This put a strain on the family finances.  They were on a “pay as you go” program with Berkeley Electric Cooperative.  They only had a few dollars left on the account and were in danger of being disconnected the next day.  Change for a Dollar paid enough on their account to give them some breathing room for a few days.

Berkeley Elec CoOp Payment – $50.00

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