Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Change for a Dollar – 12/9/2013

Change for a Dollar received a request from "C"  a gentlemen who is an ARC owner to help a single Mom within the community.  He frequents a local restaurant in Knightsville and often sees the same server whom he has talked with on several occasions.  It turns out she works several part time jobs and has two children, one in elementary and one in middle school.  He says she has always been pleasant and upbeat and she never complained about her situation and wasn’t asking for help.  However, he discovered in his conversations with her that she recently had to sell a college text book to help pay some bills.  He approached us and asked if we could help out this young mother at this time of year.  Change for a Dollar helped pay her electric bill.  A payment was made to her account on Monday.  She was very appreciative of the gift.

Amount $100

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