Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Change for a Dollar – 12/9/2013

Change for a Dollar received a request from an ARC owner and her daughter "M" to help a woman suffering from breast cancer.  "M" works with this woman who is a single mom and also has another son who is very ill and requires surgery in the near future.  She works part time and gets very little financial support for her son.  She also has no health insurance but thankfully is in a program at MUSC that is providing treatment for the cancer.  She also must pay for prescriptions out of pocket that are about $400 per month.  The woman remains very upbeat in spite of her circumstances and the Change for a Dollar team is working to help her and her son in other ways.  When asked what her biggest need was at the moment she asked for help with groceries as she indicated she is not eligible for an EBT card.  Change for a dollar gave her $100 in Bi Lo gift cards and is exploring the possibility of helping with the prescriptions. She was very appreciative of the gifts.

Amount $100 +

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