Saturday, May 17, 2014

Change for a Dollar – 5/12/14

Lisa, a single mom from Summerville, who had to recently leave her husband due to domestic violence is caring for her 3 yr. old granddaughter as well as her two teenage sons.  Her daughter had been living with her since March but left the house a few weeks ago and has abandoned her daughter to her mother’s care.  It also became evident this past week she was arrested and is currently in jail.  The mother's case came to Change for a Dollar through an ARC owner who works with the woman and was made aware of the circumstances.  Also the grandmother’s car recently broke down and she is borrowing a car to get to work but has missed some work as a result of the extra burden of caring for her own children and the grandchild.  She is seeking help from Social Services who is helping her get legal custody so she can get some assistance for the grandchild.  Her co-workers have been helping her as well but she complained this week she had no food for the children and her rent was past due as she didn’t have the full amount to pay this month because of the cost of child care etc.  ARC Change for a Dollar helped out with a gift card to Bi Lo and made a partial payment towards her rent

Amount $75 plus $300 – total $375

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