Saturday, May 17, 2014

SIngle mom w/ 4 kids becomes homeless – 5/16/14

Stephanie, a Summerville mom is a mother of four children, ages 9, 9, 4 and a one year old.  Her husband was recently arrested and jailed for some outstanding bench warrant and they have been renting a house in town.  Recently the electric and water were shut off and she called the landlord about it and he told her the house was foreclosed on, utilities were terminated and they needed to get out.  Her case came to Change for a Dollar through an ARC owner who works for the school district and shared the details of the circumstances. 

Stephanie was trying to find a place to stay and was reaching out to various agencies for help but was overwhelmed at the moment.  She had sought help from her husband’s parents (the children’s grandparents) but when she stopped by they told her they did not have room for the five of them and they gave her a bag full of candles and told her to go back to the house they were being evicted from.

The needs of this woman are great but Change for a Dollar at a minimum offered to put her up in a local hotel for two nights so the children would have a place to stay and it bought her some time to try to find additional resources and help for her family.

Amount $158.94

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