Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cancer survivor needs PET Scan – 6/22/14

Cindy a single mom with two teenage children is a cancer survivor.  Cindy had to undergo treatment two years ago for cervical cancer and was cared for through a program offered at MUSC.   The surgery and treatment was covered by Medicaid at that time and was successful.  Earlier this year she had begun complaining of pain in her right hip and lower back and was being treated for that by a family medicine physician.  The MUSC program doctor recently made a follow up contact with Cindy to check on her health.  She shared with him the issue of the hip and back pain and he asked her to come in for a visit.  Based upon the consult with the MUSC doctor he wanted her to get a PET Scan at MUSC.  Unfortunately, she is no longer covered under Medicaid and needs to pay cash for the PET scan.  MUSC required a $100 deposit for the procedure and Cindy would be billed for the remainder at a later date.  Change for a Dollar coordinated with MUSC to pay the deposit so she could get the scan enabling her doctor to better diagnose her problem.

Amount $100.00

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