Saturday, July 12, 2014

Woman needs to see Oncologist - 7/10/14

Cathy, a single woman who is a cancer survivor and is currently applying for disability.  During a routine doctor visit a specific complaint of pain was being treated by the doctor at the local free medical clinic.  In a chance follow up call from the MUSC program that treated her for cancer two years ago she shared her recent complaint.  They arranged for some tests and as a result she needs to have another visit with an Oncologist to review the test results.  There is a fear that the cancer has returned.  She currently has no income and up until now has had help from family members.  A friend has offered to drive her to MUSC but needs gas for the trips.  Change for a Dollar provided her with a gas gift card to cover the cost of being driven to her appointments.
Amount $50.00

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