Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Food Gift Certificates for homeless - 4/14/15

An ARC owner reached out to several homeless folks from Summerville about their needs.  One woman who has been living in her truck for several months and struggles with some mental health issues welcomed the help in the form of $50 worth of gift certificates (alcohol and tobacco excluded) for Piggly Wiggly where she routinely shops.  Another woman who frequents the “Square“ in town during the day spends her nights at a small local church in the middle of town.  Her and her boyfriend relocated here from Pennsylvania for a better way of life but he lost his job shortly after arriving and found themselves on the street.  The small local church has been housing them but they were very much in need of the gift certificates ($50) making it possible for her to shop at the “Pig” for necessary items.

Amount: Piggly Wiggly Gift Certificates - $100

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