Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Panhandler approaches ARC Owner - 4/20/15

An ARC owner was approached by a panhandler in the parking lot of Target.  The woman claimed to be a single mom living in a motel at the moment and was receiving a small amount of disability benefits.  It was towards the end of the month and she was about a week away from receiving her benefits.(She produced her disabilities papers and ID showing her payments of approx. $800 per month)  As she had not yet established South Carolina residency she was not yet eligible for food stamps.  She had spent the last of her money for the room for her and her two children but had no money for food.  She was told that they would not give her cash but offered to help buy some groceries.  She graciously accepted a gift card to Target for groceries.

Amount: Target Gift Certificates - $40

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