Sunday, August 30, 2015

Man loses job, wife, & family - Aug 29, 2015

An Ashley Ridge Church owner had a customer come to her workplace to pay a bill.  The gentleman was having financial difficulties.  He shared he had lost his job a while back and the pressure on the family caused his wife to leave him as well.  When she left she took what they had in their savings and left him and his adult daughter living with him with nothing.  Recently the daughter left him also to go live with the mother which left him in further despair.  He owns his home and is in risk of foreclosure but the bank so far has been working with him.  He has some equity in the house but with the marital troubles and the loss of savings he is afraid his credit will not position him well to rent or buy even if he sells.  Change for a Dollar connected him with some places for possible job opportunities.  Change for a Dollar helped this man out by making a payment on his current Berkeley County Electric bill and his water bill to lighten his financial burden in this difficult time.

Berkeley Electric & Dorchester Water Payment $215.00

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