Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summerville man loses son in hit and run accident - Aug 4, 2015

A Summerville man recently relocated to Summerville to follow his job when the company relocated and offered employees the option to follow.  He was a divorced gentleman working hard to make a living and was happy when his adult son had chosen to come live with him in SC as well.  His son had a job at a local restaurant and was working to save money to buy a car.  He rode his bicycle to and from work each day.  One day he was working late at the restaurant and was riding home in the late evening when he was struck by a vehicle going at excessive speed, according to the skids marks at the accident scene.  The driver never stopped. The young man suffered severe injuries and was transported to the hospital.  His Dad was woken by a phone call from the doctor and was able to be with his son at the hospital.  Due to the massive head injuries the son died in the early morning hours of the next day.  The father incurred considerable costs in transporting his son’s remains back to their original home state where there was more friends and family.  Change for a Dollar helped this man out with paying his current Berkeley County Electric bill to lighten his financial burden in this difficult time.

Berkeley County Elec Coop Payment $183.00

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