Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Single Mom struggling to make ends meet – Jan 5, 2017

An ARC owner was serving on the Expanding the Table food truck one evening when he became acquainted with a new guest, a single mom.  She had been coming to the truck for several days and the ARC Owner got to know her a little better.  She shared that she recently became single and was struggling to make ends meet as she cleaned houses for a living.  She recently lost a big customer and was have trouble keeping up as she didn’t have enough for day care to work when the child was not in school.  We referred her to several Lowcountry Human Services organizations that assist people but she had come up dry as the Christmas season had drained most resources.  The ARC owner ask if Change for a Dollar could assist with paying a past due electric bill to help avoid the service being disconnected.  Change for a Dollar paid the amount necessary to prevent the disconnect.

SCE&G Payment - $180.00

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