Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Man dying from cancer has electric shut off – June 6, 2017

A gentleman from Summerville, known by many as a longtime resident, is terminally ill with cancer.  He has been living in a trailer in a local trailer park with many of his “extended family”.   The disease and the treatment has taken its toll on him and one of the other family members was tending to the bills.  Unfortunately, the electric bill was overlooked and the electric was temporarily disconnected.  Several folks from Ashley Ridge Church were looking for a way to help him with his trailer, which was in disrepair or some other means to lighten his burden during this difficult time.  The electric disconnect was an added inconvenience that at a minimum put additional stress on him.  He was content with staying with the family in their trailer and was not interested in relocating as this was his home and where he wanted to be in his final days.  Change for a Dollar made an additional payment on the electric bill to hopefully prevent any future disruptions in electric, especially with the current hot weather.

SCE&G Payment - $250.00

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