Friday, June 30, 2017

Single mom of three loses job – July 1, 2017

A single mom with three young boys was working with an ARC owner but was recently laid off from the office where they worked.  She was a hard working woman and quickly connected with a temp agency and picked up odd jobs immediately.  The family was living paycheck to paycheck and the loss of the job put the family in jeopardy of being evicted.  The woman was raising just enough money through her odd jobs to pay her rent for the coming month.  Any savings were quickly depleted and she was also looking at an electric disconnect notice within the next ten days.  The ARC owner, her former coworker, asked Change for a Dollar to assist. We arranged to pay the disconnect amount preventing the shut off thereby buying her some time as more steady employment became available.

SCE&G Payment – $202.46

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