Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bus ticket for woman stranded in Tennessee - Oct 16, 2015

The daughter of a Summerville woman who regularly attends the Expanding the Table dinners was working in Tennessee with her brother while her children stayed with a grandmother in Summerville.  She and her brother had some trouble with the law while in Tennessee and served a short jail sentence.  Both were anxious to return home to Summerville but needed to attend some counseling classes upon release from jail.  They both thought they had completed all the requirements.  They were stopped by Summerville police one night and a checked indicated that the sister had a warrant in Tennessee for missing a counseling session.  She was extradited back to TN and cleared up the issue in a matter of days but was now stranded in Chattanooga.  The family asked for assistance in getting the young woman back to her children in Summerville.  Change for Dollar paid for a bus ticket from Chattanooga to Summerville.

Bus Ticket – $127.00

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