Sunday, October 4, 2015

Homeless man out of jail, off to rehab – Sept 27, 2015

A homeless man from Summerville had to spend two weeks in jail for being convicted for public intoxication.  He is well known in the community and liked by all who know him but continues to struggle with his alcoholism.  As luck would have it his counselor had him scheduled to go into detox followed by rehab on the day he was picked up to serve his time.  He was devastated as he was prepared to make some changes in his life.  Change for a Dollar monitored his time in jail and when he was released he was sober for 2 weeks and still looking forward to changing his life around.  When he got out of jail there was a few days delay before he could get into rehab as he detoxed in jail.  Change for a Dollar put him up in a hotel for a few days away from his “stomping grounds” and set up a network of people to check in on him and support him until he was off to rehab.

Hotel Stay - $188.01

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