Sunday, October 4, 2015

Homeless Dad, bus ticket to family up north – Sept 27, 2015

A homeless single Dad with two small kids had been living in a small local Summerville church for several months.  He was unable to get work as he needed flexibility to be available for his kids during the summer.  A shelter in Walterboro was supposed to take them in but there was an issue with some paperwork and he was turned away.  He was a regular at the Expanding the Table dinners and many of the volunteers tried various ways to help him out.  They got close to the two kids and even helped them with school supplies at the start of school.  After several attempts to work things out for himself and his kids in Summerville some family in Illinois finally agreed to take them in.  Change for a Dollar assisted with bus tickets and food gift cards for the 2 ½ day bus trip.

Greyhound - $213.30 + $100.00

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