Monday, July 4, 2016

A family of four relocating to Summerville – July 3, 2016

A family of four had to relocate to Summerville from Spartanburg.  They attended an Expanding the Table dinner one evening and in talking with one of the volunteers it became evident they were struggling.  The husband had been looking for work but was not yet successful.  They were referred to many resources by the ETT volunteers to check into for work and assistance along with all the food panty’s and soup kitchen hours.  They were staying in an extended stay motel in North Charleston as they looked for work and a place to stay in Summerville.  They were at the point of seeking a shelter as they were soon to become homeless.  They were due to run out of money shortly for their accommodations and asked if they could get some assistance.  Change for a Dollar assisted in extending their stay for several days at the motel.

Motel charges - $315.00

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