Sunday, July 31, 2016

Large homeless man needs clothing – July 26, 2016

A very large homeless man is living in a local homeless shelter. Unfortunately there is very little clothing in his size. The shelter receives regular donations of clothing from the public and the residents do get vouchers from Trident United Way to shop at Goodwill but nothing in his size is available.  He wears a 6XL in shirts and has a couple of shirts and a sweatshirt but was in need of more shirts.  Due to his size and his disabilities he has been unable to get a job.  He had unemployment for a couple of months but that has stopped.  He lacks the funds to purchase clothing in his size, even if he found his size locally.  Change for a Dollar purchased four shirts for him online and they were delivered to the shelter.  He was very appreciative.

Online clothing purchase - $96.44

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