Sunday, July 31, 2016

Kids need school uniforms / family needs AC – July 28, 2016

A family from Lincolnville attends Expanding the Table dinners. Two of the young children actively participate in the evening’s activities.  As the volunteers got to know the kids it became evident that the family didn’t have the money to purchase school uniforms for the young boy and girl.  They live within the N Charleston School district and must wear a school uniform consisting of tan khakis and blue shirts.  One of the volunteers offered to take the two shopping and Change for a Dollar provided the funds for the boy and girl to get uniforms for school.  Additionally, the volunteer found out that the family did not have any air conditioning in their home in this current oppressive heat wave.  Change for a Dollar also purchased a room air conditioner to provide some minimum amount of cooling for their home.

School uniforms plus Air-conditioned - $150.00 + $193.32

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