Sunday, April 23, 2017

Disabled “Missionary” in financial trouble– April 24, 2017

An elderly disabled Summerville woman for many years had been on a local mission to help the poor and the homeless in the community.  She had become to be known as the “Bread Lady” as she would make weekly visits to local grocery stores, get the last sale date bread and redistribute it to local food pantries, etc. in spite of her condition.  She was also very active in advocating for and helping the homeless.  Recently her medical condition had deteriorated to the point where she is now home bound.  Her disability and Medicare does not pay all the cost of her home care and she has significant co pays for the in home therapy, etc.  Her budget is very strained and she fell behind on her electric bill and was in danger of disconnect.  A year or so ago Change for a Dollar assisted her and she now humbly reach out for information on other organizations that may be able to assist.  Change for Dollar pointed her to some agencies that may help but we also made a payment to prevent the disconnect of the electric, plus a little extra towards the next bill.

SCE&G Payment - $300.00

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