Saturday, April 29, 2017

Disabled woman needed wheelchair repair – April 28, 2017

A Summerville woman who is a regular at the Expanding the Table dinner is disabled and is wheelchair bound.  She uses her motorized chair to get around, socialize and shop outside of her apartment. However, her wheelchair is covered by Medicare for indoor use only and the batteries get a more severe workout from the repeated drain and recharges with the outside use.  Medicare will only cover battery replacement once per year.  She recently had problems with the batteries which were found to be in need of replacement and her battery charger was also not working properly.  She was 4 months early on the insurance coverage to replace the batteries and was currently using a manual chair which she struggled with not having the upper body strength.  A volunteer from ETT was approach for assistance who contacted Change for a Dollar.  We spoke with the wheelchair servicing company and arranged to have her batteries replaced so she could start using her motorized chair again.

Wheelchair batteries replacement - $473.70

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