Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Young couple stranded in Summerville – April 7, 2017

A young man formally from Summerville relocated to San Antonio Texas after he aged out of the foster care system.  When he graduated from high school he had trouble making it in Summerville and moved to Texas in hopes of better opportunities.  In Texas he connected with a young lady and began attending a local church.  He was still struggling getting his life on track and had still been communicating with his last foster family in Summerville.  He arranged to return to Summerville with his girlfriend on promises from the foster family to help.  He left Texas in spite of the pastor from his church advising against the move.  Upon arriving in Summerville the foster family never returned his calls and did not meet him at an arranged meeting place.  He and the young lady gave up after a couple of days living on the streets and trying to connect.  He called the men’s homeless shelter in town but they had no beds and could not take in the girl.  Change for a Dollar was contacted by the shelter to see if we could assist.  Change for a Dollar contacted his pastor in Texas and confirmed the story.  He had the opportunity to go back and live with the pastor and his family. Change for a Dollar assisted the young couple with a bus ticket to return to San Antonio.

Bus tickets (2) to Texas - $394.00 total

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