Saturday, November 17, 2018

ETT guest in need of funeral clothes – October 18, 2018

A local Summerville woman who is a regular guest of Expanding the Table recently shared with some volunteers her sister had just died.  She needed to travel out of town with other family members to attend the funeral. She was saddened that she did not have any nice clothes to wear to her sister’s services.  One of the female ETT volunteers hearing the story asked Change for a Dollar if we could assist in getting her a nice new outfit.  The volunteer did the shopping and the ETT guest was thrilled with the selection and was able to attend her sister’s funeral looking nice.  Another volunteer also helped her out with a gas card to help with the gas for the family members making the trip.  Upon her return she shared pictures of the family gathered together after the services all looking well dressed.

New outfit – $73.40

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