Saturday, November 17, 2018

Friend of ETT guest loses daughter, struggles – November 16, 2018

A regular guest at the ETT serving site has a friend who less than a year ago got custody of her granddaughter when her daughter died.  The grandmother lives in Charleston and the mother and her daughter lived in Summerville up until her death.  The grandmother was financially okay living alone in Charleston but since taking in her granddaughter she has struggled.  She is looking for a way to move to Summerville so her granddaughter can go back to her school and join her friends.  She is looking for an affordable housing situation in Summerville but struggles right now with the additional expenses of her granddaughter.   The ETT guest asked if there was any way we could help his friend out.  Change for a Dollar checked on her electric bill.  While the bill was current there was a significant balance. Change for a Dollar assisted the woman by making a partial payment to her SCE&G account
SCE&G payment – $225.00

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