Saturday, November 17, 2018

Single mom moves in with mother and attends church – November 12, 2018

A single mom has moved in with her mother who occasionally visits Ashley Ridge Church.  The daughter had to leave Georgia where she was living with her kids due to some family relationship matters that needs to get resolved.  The stay is supposed to be temporary but in the meantime the grandmother suggested to the kids to come to Ashley Ridge Church.  The children really enjoyed their time at church and when their mother arrived to live with them she started to attend as well.  She is a spiritual person but had not been to church in a while but when she came to ARC she truly enjoyed the worship experience.  She would like to journal over the years and also liked journaling in church.  Change for A Dollar got her a new application study bible for worship and a journal for her to start journaling in worship.

Bible and Journal - $59.11

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