Monday, December 22, 2014

Clinic patient in need of ride home - 12/18/14

A single Mom with two kids is a new patient at the Medical Outreach Clinic of Summerville.  She just recently was able to get out of a physically abusive relationship and was now living with her parents in Berkeley County.  She was able to get a ride to the clinic with a friend / acquaintance as her parents did not have the means to provide transportation.  The “friend” who drove her to the clinic became very angry with her when she became aware that there would be a bit of a wait before the woman could be seen by the doctor.  She told her that she could not wait any longer and was leaving with or without her.  This left the patient in tears and she really needed to see the doctor and was going to be stranded if she did so.  One of the volunteers at the clinic offered her some money for cab fare which covered about half of the cost.  ARC Change for a Dollar picked up the balance of the cab fare bill to get her and the kids home safely following the doctor visit.

Cab Fare - Amount: $34.00

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