Sunday, December 28, 2014

Homeless grandmother - no place for Christmas - 12/23/14

ARC Change for a Dollar had previously assisted a homeless, disabled grandmother with two middle school age granddaughters.  There was hope that this family would soon find housing for which they have been approved.  The grandmother had been in contact with several agencies that have been assisting her in finding a vacancy but given the time of year there was no housing available in the Summerville Community at this time.  They did look at some temporary housing in a Charleston shelter but the facility left one of the granddaughters in tears.  The facility, while old and dated was clean and welcoming, but appeared more like a prison than a shelter.  The grandmother being sensitive to the girl’s feelings, was able with the help of some friends, to come up with some funds for an extra day or two in a motel in hopes that some permanent housing would soon open up.  As Christmas approached Ashley Ridge Church checked in on them to see what kind of Christmas they would have.  The grandmother had a meal donated to them but stated they would be out on the street by Christmas Eve.  Change for a Dollar extended their stay in the motel until the weekend following Christmas as other options continue to be explored.

Amount: 3 nights hotel stay - $189.01

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