Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Widowed Grandfather with 2 small children- 12/13/14

An ARC Owner notified ARC Change for a Dollar of a 75 year old widowed man who has custody of his two great grandchildren, ages 6 & 7, who was having some difficulty.  His wife, who was a hoarder, died about a year ago and he was still struggling with some of mess from the hoarding.  A local elementary school had concerns for the children’s wellbeing and Dorchester County Sherriff’s Deputies were dispatched to investigate.  Dorchester DSS/CPS visited the family as well.  The grandfather has a serious heart condition and has difficulty with the daily chores in caring for two young children.  It is a loving family and both the Deputies and DSS felt the children were in no present danger but the living conditions needed some serious improvement.  Additionally, his water heater failed and the heat went out shortly thereafter.  Change for a Dollar arranged for an HVAC contractor to respond to fix the heat at no charge. A crew of volunteers from Ashley Ridge Church spent the day getting the house cleaned and decluttered.  Additionally, the volunteers supplied new beds, other household items for the children’s bedroom and did other household repairs.  Other issues are to be addressed in the near future to help this family stay intact and back on track to living effectively.

Amount: Cleaning supplies $82.66

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