Monday, December 22, 2014

Single woman new to Summerville without a job - 12/22/14

A single woman recently relocated from Chicago to Summerville SC for a better way of life and in hopes of finding work which she was unable to find in Chicago.  She has a friend who lives in Summerville who has very limited means but has offered for her to stay with her until she can find a job.  Both women attended the Community Christmas Dinner sponsored by Ashley Ridge Church and Antioch Community Ministries the other night.  As part of socializing with the women we found out she was actively seeking a job but had run out of money and was in need of some help.  Antioch Community Ministries gave her some clothing and some food from their pantry and ARC Change for a Dollar helped her out with a gas card so she could continue to go on interviews for a job.

Gas card - Amount: $50.00

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