Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Disabled community volunteer in need of help - May 25, 2015

An ARC owner met a woman at an Expanding the Table serving who herself has been involved for years with helping those in need in the community.  She is disabled and in recent years her disability has gotten worse.  Being of limited means herself and now struggling with her disease she has all but stopped her help of others.  This has been a difficult thing for her to accept.  After years of service in helping with food panties and the homeless community in general she was convinced that it was time for her to accept some help at this time.  Her disability / Medicare coverage does not cover all the costs associated with her physical therapy and it has put a strain on her finances.  She was in danger of having her electric disconnected.  ARC Change for a Dollar made a payments to her SCE&G account to avoid a shut off.

SCE&G payment - $169.70

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