Monday, June 29, 2015

Homeless man with dog / broken jaw - June 24, 2015

The Dorchester Goodwill Prosperity Center called Ashley Ridge Church Change for a Dollar for assistance with a homeless man.  They were having a power outage at the center and were unable to assist him in any way.  The main reason they called was because he had a fractured jaw and was scheduled for surgery later in the week.  The whole side of his face was bruised and swollen.  He had been mugged while sleeping in his car one night and his upper jaw was fractured.  He was treated and released from Summerville ER and was scheduled for surgery at MUSC.  He lives in his car with his dog Dixie and she is his “family” and he is very close to her.  He was in fact more concerned with getting a job so he could care for the dog than he was concerned about his medical condition.  He needed gas for his car to get to MUSC later in the week and he was been unable to eat solid food.  He had been eating yogurt and milk shakes for the past several days but was out of money, he was stiffed on pay from working a roofing job the day before.  Change for Dollar filled his tank with gas, got him some high calorie protein drinks, Gatorade, ice, a gas card and some dog food.  We promised him if he got the surgery to take care of himself we would take his dog to the vet after he got out for a checkup too.

Bi Lo / Sunoco - food, etc - $84.41

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