Monday, June 29, 2015

Young woman downsized at work, financial trouble – June 23, 2015

A young Summerville woman had been steadily employed and was doing well this past year as she for qualified for brand new low income housing.  She loved her new apartment and things were finally going well when she lost her job through her employer downsizing several employees.  Her rent was due in a couple of weeks and she had not found a new job yet.  The property management company was very strict about past due rents and she was in danger of being evicted if she missed her rent payment.  Her electric bill was current but there was a bill pending in a few days.  The rental payment of $500 was beyond the means of the Change for a Dollar program to take care of but we made a partial payment on her electric to help her out.  During the course of researching the situation, we were approached by a local gentleman who was familiar with the Change for a Dollar program and became aware of situation and our inability to help with the rent.  This gentleman anonymously paid her rent so she would not be evicted.

SCE&G payment - $100

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