Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Young lady graduates - May 22, 2015

An ARC owner requested we help out a young lady who was high school senior about to graduate.  She had been put out of her house a while back by her mother, the living conditions were less than ideal. The mother of a friend of hers offered to take her in.  This woman who took her in is a single Mom with three kids.  The conditions that were set for this young lady was she had to quit her job and focus on school so she could graduate.  She did just that and has been a trouble free part of the family.  While achieving the goal of graduating, neither the family nor the young lady had any means to celebrate the graduation.  ARC change for a dollar provided gift certificates for her to get her hair and nails done for graduation.  We also provided a gift certificate for new shows and another kind person purchased a new drees for her.  She celebrated the accomplishment of graduating in style.

Gift certificates - $170

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