Friday, November 29, 2013

Change for a Dollar – 10/10/2013

S, a 41 year old widow was in jeopardy of her electric being shut off because her SCEG account was in arrears.  A shut off would result in a requirement to a pay a large deposit plus the full past due in order to restore electric service.  She lives in a double wide trailer off of 78 by Lincolnville which she owns and shares expenses with a roommate.  She lost her job because of excessive problems with her car which eventually totally failed her and she couldn’t get to work.  She has been seeking local employment that she can ride a bicycle to and her roommate in the meantime has been picking up some of the slack however they are falling behind in the bills.  She recently had a job interview that she is hopeful she will get.  SCEG indicated too her that there is a current balance due of $263 .  She called on the 10th to get a minimum payment due to prevent shut off which was $200.  Change for a Dollar helped pay the minimum by making a payment to her account to prevent the shut off and hold her over until she gets another job.

Amount: $200

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