Friday, November 29, 2013

Change for a Dollar – 11/22/2013

M, a young pregnant woman with an elementary school child, whose husband was arrested for driving with a suspended license.  The husband had to do a 90 day jail sentence and is due for release mid-December.  The husband had a job and will still have it upon release.  We spoke with his employer who provides employment for former inmates.  The employer stated the husband was a good worker but had made some bad decisions but he felt he had potential.  The family fell behind on the rent as a result of the husband’s incarceration and was looking for assistance with that.  In speaking with the employer it turns out the employer paid the rent but he indicated the family had other needs such as food and utility payments.  Change for a Dollar was unable to pay the large deposit, late fees and arrears on the utility bills but was able to assist with providing some gift cards to Bi-Lo for food for the family.

Amount $100

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